Chair's Corner

In July, 2006, the Government of Ontario introduced the regulations associated with the Clean Water Act. One of the key components of these regulations includes the establishment of a multi-sector Essex Region Source Protection Committee. This committee will be charged with the significant responsibility of working with our local community to create a plan that protects the sources of our drinking water.

This legislation set into motion a comprehensive process for nominations and applications to the Committee, and it is with great excitement that we announce the successful candidates, who have made a five year commitment to represent a broad cross-section of our community.

There's no doubt that a great deal of work lies ahead, and these are the representatives who have volunteered for the task. Over the coming months, invitations will be issued to participate in open houses to share information about the sources of our drinking water, as well as to find out what you have to say. While this entire process will utilize science and technical information as our guide, it is also one that is designed to include all the residents of the region - a truly 'made in Essex Region' plan. I encourage everyone to get involved - we can all make a difference. From the smallest action to conserve household water to the largest project to improve the sources of our drinking water, we all have the opportunity to take action to protect our drinking water - for now, and for our children and grandchildren.


Mr. Tom Fuerth, Chair
Essex Region Source Protection Committee