Committee Overview

As outlined in the Clean Water Act, 2006, under Ontario Regulation 288/07, the Essex Region Source Protection Committee has been created to develop a Source Protection Plan to protect municipal sources of drinking water in the Essex Region Source Protection Area. The SPC has prepared a technical Assessment Report, a proposed Source Protection Plan and related public and stakeholder consultations. As regulated, in the Essex Region, the committee consists of fifteen (15) members plus a Chair and is comprised of representatives from sectors that encompass the broad, multi-sectoral interests of our region. One third (five) of the members have been appointed to reflect the interest of municipalities that are located in the region. The other two sectors, Economic and Other Interests, are also each assigned five (5) seats.

Description of Composition

As per Section 2 of O. Reg 288/07,

  • 1/3 of the members must reflect the interests of the local municipalities,
  • 1/3 of the members must reflect the interests of agriculture, commerce, industry, and small business,
  • 1/3 of the members must reflect other interests including environmental, health and other public interests.

Municipal Sector (5)

Municipal Sector representatives will be appointed by municipalities where applicable.

Economic Sector (5)

Some examples could include representation of industry, manufacturing, resource management (aggregates, mining, oil and gas), small business, recreation and tourism. It is proposed that two (2) seats from the Economic Sector be reserved for Agricultural representation.

Other Interests (5)

Some examples could include representation from health, environment, professionals/academics (scientists, chemists, hydrogeologists, engineers, planners, etc.), landowners and public at large.

Summary of Member Obligations

  • Monthly meetings, as well as possibly additional public meetings or working group sessions during day or evening hours
  • Representatives must reside, own property, rent property, be employed or operate a business in the Essex Region Source Protection Area
  • Act as liaisons by bringing forward common concerns from their knowledge and experience in their sector to the committee and assist in communicating the committee's work
  • Make decisions at the committee table
  • Respect confidential information and abide by the process in place to safeguard confidential information

Member Qualifications

  • Demonstrated ability to understand source protection science, concepts and technical reports
  • Proven ability to act as liaison for the sector(s) being represented
  • Problem solving, analytical, communication and organizational skills
  • An openness to working together and with representatives from other sectors
  • Knowledge of local watershed, community and issues
  • Demonstrated ability to work with group dynamics and team environments; conciliatory decision-making skills
  • Willingness and ability to travel around the Essex Region
  • Has, or is capable of having direct contact with residents and landowners