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Essex Region Source Protection Plan Comes into Effect

Tuesday, Sep. 29, 2015

Essex - The Source Protection Plan for the Essex Region Source Protection Area comes into effect on October 1, 2015.  This plan sets out policies to protect the water sources that supply our municipal drinking water systems.

?This is an exciting milestone for the Essex Region source protection area and the province?s drinking water source protection program,? said Tom Fuerth, Chair, Source Protection Committee

The plan was developed by the Essex Region Source Protection Committee and its municipal and community partners.  The plan is a requirement of Ontario?s Clean Water Act, which was passed as a response to the Province?s inquiry into the Walkerton drinking water tragedy. The Source Protection Plan was developed over several years and is based on technical studies, collaborative policy development, and extensive public consultation. The process was guided by a Source Protection Committee made up representatives from municipalities, business, industry, landowners, and other stakeholders.


Policies in the Source Protection Plan include a variety of approaches to manage and prevent risks to municipal drinking water. These approaches include education and outreach, land use planning, monitoring, and the development of risk management plans for significant drinking water threats such as fuel storage tanks larger than 15,000L.These policies will help to keep contaminants out of our rivers and lakes that are sources of municipal drinking water. 

?Landowners impacted by policies in the Source Water Protection Plan may encounter additional questions at municipal planning counters. Some may get a visit from a Risk Management Official who is responsible for protecting our water supplies and implementing many of the policies in the Source Protection Plan? said Katie Stammler, Source Water Protection Project Manager. Risk Management Services are being provided by the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) on behalf of all municipalities in Windsor and Essex County. The RMO will work with a regional working group to ensure that Risk Management Plans are applied consistently throughout the region.

The source protection planning process is directed and funded by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change in conjunction with municipalities. Local Conservation Authorities provide additional technical, communications and administrative support for the source protection planning process. For more information please visit our website: