Essex Region Source Protection Area - Assessment Report

Notice of Drafts of Proposed Changes for Updated and Amended Assessment Reports

The Essex Region Source Protection Authority submitted the proposed assessment report to the Province of Ontario in May of 2010.

What is an Assessment Report?

An Assessment Report identifies vulnerable areas where some land use activities can, in certain circumstances, pose significant threats, to municipal drinking water sources, as defined by the Ontario Clean Water Act, 2006.

The posting of the Updated and Amended Assessment Report is an important step in developing a drinking water source protection plan for the Essex Region Source Protection Area. The Report includes:

  • The identification of vulnerable areas associated with municipal drinking water sources
  • The types of activities which would be considered threats in those vulnerable areas
  • Any water quality issues associated with the raw (untreated) water to municipal drinking water system which could be addressed through source protection planning
  • A water budget, which assesses areas where the quantity of water available for the municipal drinking water source may be stressed
  • General background material which might be useful in developing a Source Protection Plan

The Source Protection Committee has prepared a draft Updated/Amended Proposed Assessment Report for the Essex Region Source Protection Area. These changes reflect new information that has become available to the Committee and amendments that have been made to the Proposed Assessment Report. The main changes occur in Section 3 (Water Quantity Risk Assessment) and Section 4 (Water Quality Risk Assessment), and associated new or revised mapping products.

The updated components of the Proposed Assessment Report consist of new information including:

  • Delineation, vulnerability scoring and threats assessment of Type 3 Intake Protection Zones (IPZ-3s) for some water treatment plants.
  • Identification of existing significant threats through events-based threats modeling and establishing potential significant threats criteria.

In addition, there are Amended Components, which involve revisions to some of the information contained in the Proposed Assessment Report submitted in May 2010, including:

  • Revised delineations of Intake Protection Zones 1 & 2 for Windsor and Amherstburg water treatment plants; resulting in reductions in affected areas.
  • Confirmation of existing significant threats previously identified; resulting in a reduced number of these sites.
  • Revised water budget results (water quantity stressed watersheds).

Public Consultation

The Essex Region Source Protection Committee would like to invite public comments on the Updated/Amended Proposed Assessment Report. Comments must be received on or before Monday May 30, 2011 at 4:00 p.m.

  • Essex Region Conservation Authority, 360 Fairview Avenue, Suite 311, Essex, ON, N8M 1Y6
  • Or a CD can be mailed to you

How to Comment

  • Email:
  • Fax: 519-776-8688
  • Mail: Essex Region Source Protection Authority, 360 Fairview Avenue West, Suite 311, Essex, ON, N8M 1Y6. Attention: Stan Taylor, Project Manager, Source Water Protection
  • SWP Comment Form

Comments must be received on or before Monday May 30, 2011 at 4:00pm

New Documents

Chapters and Appendices Affected by the Changes

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All Appendices are available by request at 519-776-5209 x342

Map Gallery of Amended Assessment Report Maps

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